Security mistakes people make when working from home:

Security mistakes people make when working from home:
1. Not verfying requests. When working from home, you might receive email requests or phone calls asking for sensitive information like company passwords or user accounts.
2. Not using a VPN. Using a VPN keeps data traffic and logins secure from cyber criminologists trying to snoop. It also speeds up the internet because you’re not using the public bandwidth.
3. Storing your passwords in your browser. Internet browsers are easily hacked. Passwords can be easily stolen. If you must store passwords, use an encrypted and password protected password manager.
4. Not logging out. Even if you work from home, treat your computer as if you are at your company. Always log out if you walk away to prevent it from unauthorized access. You do not want your little one playing games on your work computer.
5. Be aware of phishing emails. They only get worse when everyone works from home because it is harder to tell if Joe Blow really did send you an updated file. Verify the email was sent before opening any attachments. Never click on links from suspicious emails. Never logon to accounts through emails. Never give out personal information through an email.