Design & Development

Your website is a reflection of your business. Consumers and businesses today increasingly rely on websites to gather information about the organizations they are considering working with. An up-to-date, informative, well designed website will serve you well. The alternative is a website that will drive your prospective clients into the arms of the competition. The nature of website design and development is changing and your site should be fresh and current or you will be at a real disadvantage.

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE: So your website is up and running. Now what? We know your website is a critical part of your business operations and overall success. But, how do you make updates? How do you remove or add features? We are well versed in many platforms of website languages and shopping carts. We design our website maintenance plans specifically for businesses who want their website to function as a sales and lead generation tool.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEO are tricks and tools that can be used to help promote your site as close as possible to the top of the relevant search results. Through an analysis of your existing or proposed web site, we can recommend and implement changes that can improve your site’s chances of being found. Some of these changes may alter the actual content of what is displayed on a page, however, many of these changes have no effect on what a user sees when visiting your site.

Social Media: Managing social media is more important than some businesses and corporations consider. Through sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest, businesses have the opportunity to attract attention to their product or service and influence consumer purchases via “electronic word of mouth”.

Elite Technology Group has an outstanding team of web designers and developers who can help take your business to the next level by updating your existing site or creating something new, complete with a mobile version, for your business. Website optimization and SEO is critical for succeeding online. Elite Technology Group knows how to improve your search engine ranking for your essential keywords and phrases. We know that the right words sell.