WiMAX and 4G WiMax

WiMAX and 4G WiMax are different technologies not to be confused. WiMax is not designed for voice where as 4G WiMax is. An enterprise looking into using a WiMax will need to be specific into which technology they will be using. WiMax is like a long-range hotspot. It uses non-line-of-sight MIMO antenna processing to deliver last mile connection to a home or office where cable or DSL service doesn’t reach. An enterprise would use WiMax if their Internet is spotty because it is a high performance, high-speed type of Internet connection. Each tower can cover up to ten miles of service per tower.

4G WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is also 10x faster than 3G. 4G WiMax maximum speed is 70mbps. It is a competitor with 4G LTE as it is low cost and has flexible installation because of shorter towers and requires less cabling. 4G WiMax doesn’t run on line of sight. It works on transmitter/receiver concept and is IEEE802.16e standardized. Having an end-to-end IP connection, 4G WiMax is a pure data connection. 4G WiMax is widely used for communicating over WMANs. It can also be used in the mobile communication fields for subscribers in their homes or on the go with their tablets or other mobile devices. 4G WiMax incorporates voice, video, and telephone access at speeds of 3mbps-40mbps depending on the range one is from the tower. (NIST Special Publication 800-127, 2019)