Not Just Technical Support ... Technical Solutions!!

Micheal & Heather,Elite Technology Group

We offer a wide variety and types of support to our partners and clients. Our dedicated and well trained team will do its best to fit your needs. Contact us, explain your problem to us and we will do our best to help you the best we can.

Elite Technology Group provides customized training to meet your goals. We provide one-on-one training, group training for a business's furthering education class, as well as basic PC security training. Call us for more information.

Are you a DIY person? Bleeping computer is a good site to search for advice on what to do.*Elite Technology Group is not responsible for content on third party's websites.*

"Safe Searches" are third party software that works with your internet browser to display search results deemed safe. The AVG, Viper, McAfee, and others search the internet websites for malicious software, hijackers, or viruses showing you the search results which are safe according to their analysis.